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Recognizing an increasing demand for careers in wildlife biology and public and nonprofit administration, the University of Montana’s Master of Public Administration and Wildlife Biology programs created a joint degree. The program is the first of its kind in the country. The program, referred to as a “4+1” program, allows UM students to earn both a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife biology and a two-year master’s degree in public administration at an accelerated pace of just five years instead of the usual six.

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Other Public Administration Degree Options at UM

Outside the Classroom

  • Meeting

    Pi Alpha Alpha

    University of Montana’s Chapter of Pi Alpha Alpha (UMPAA) fosters innovative applied learning experiences and scholarship in public administration, policy and affairs. By serving the students, alumni and associates of the University of Montana, UMPAA strives to enhance the experiences of its members and community by providing opportunities for professional development, applied learning and networking through academic and professional support.

  • Fish

    American Fisheries Society

    Get involved, advance your career goals, and have fun as part of the oldest and largest society for professional fisheries scientists in the world. The UM subunit of AFS is open to all UM students. UM AFS provides members with a way to learn more about local fisheries issues, make contacts with professionals, learn about current internships and job announcements, and get involved with local conservation efforts like river cleanup, restoration projects and even a fishing trip or two.

  • Wildlife

    The Wildlife Society

    The Wildlife Society is an international scientific and educational organization serving the resource management fields. TWS develops and promotes responsible stewardship of wildlife resources and the environments upon which wildlife and humans depend; undertakes an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degradation; increases awareness and appreciation of wildlife values; and seeks the highest standards of professionalism in all activities.

Also in the Law School

  • Max Baucus

    Max S. Baucus Institute

    The work of the Max S. Baucus Institute is an extension of the important bipartisan, consensus-building public service Ambassador Baucus exemplified during his long and distinguished career. Situated within the law school, the Baucus Institute is where policymakers, lawyers, politicians, leading academics and students interact on a global scale.

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