Special Programs

We work to raise awareness of access to justice concerns and promote pro bono service. Our class of 2020 alone provided over 2,000 pro bono hours to underserved communities and gained valuable experience through our Pro Bono program.

Students can also gain specialized experience through our Blewett Consumer Law and Protection program or participate in the Rural Justice Initiative's interdisciplinary research and outreach.


Law of People and Place Field CourseSummer is special in Montana and a great time to get ahead with our Summer Indian Law Program. We invite expert Indian law scholars and practitioners from around the country to teach these courses every summer in addition to a new place-based field course on the Missouri River.

The Baucus Leaders program places students in summer internships with Congressional offices and committees in Washington, D.C. And for those who want to make a difference closer to home, there is Baucus Leaders Montana.

Our students also have the opportunity to experience China or Ireland first-hand, learning and exploring through the Baucus Institute's study abroad programs.