Tribal College Transfers

Transfer Admission Requirements

Applicants must present a 2.0 (C) cumulative grade average (on a 0-4 scale) for all colleges level work attempted to be eligible for admission.

Transfer Scholarship Requirements

GPA to Scholarship Money Conversion


Transfer GPA

Montana Resident



3.25 to 3.49


3.00 to 3.24


2.75 to 2.99



right to left Olivia Perez, Aislyn Baker, and Val Talks Different standing in the NAS office.

Admissions Process

1. Apply Now

2. Transfer Transcripts

3. SAP Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement

4. Credit Evaluation

You should set up an appointment with an admissions evaluator.

There is also an unofficial self-evaluation of transfer coursework online using the college Transfer Equivalency Self-Service Tool.

If you have questions about transferring to UM, please contact Violet Hopkins

After You're Accepted