Lu Hu

Lu Hu (胡璐)

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Montana
B.Sc: China University of Geosciences Beijing
M.S.: Institute of Geochemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota
Postdoctoral: Harvard University

Emily Cope

Emily Cope

PhD student in chemistry
emily.cope at
B.s in chemistry, Florida State University
Urban photochemistry in the present of wildfire smoke

Lixu Jin

Lixu Jin

Ph.D student in chemistry
lixu.jin at
B.S. in Atmospheric Science, Lanzhou University, China
Constraining biomass burning emissions in the western U.S.


Damien Ketcherside

Ph.D student in chemistry
damien.ketcherside at
B.S. in chemistry, Lewis-Clark State College
Sources and chemistry of wintertime and indoor VOCs in support of ALPACA

Joseph Knudsen

Joseph Knuden

undergrad student in chemistry
Joseph.Knuden at
Meteorological measurements and low cost sensors for outreach and air quality applications

Wade Permar

Wade Permar

Postdoctoral fellow
wade.permar at
PhD in Chemistry, University of Montana
Chemical composition and evolution of western wildfire smoke

Vanessa Selimovic

Lu Tan

PhD student in chemistry
lu.tan at
B.S. in chemical engineering, Changsha Univ of Sci & Tech, China
Improving PTR-MS for VOC quantification

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Wade Permar: Chemistry PhD. (2022), now Postdoc in the group.
Vanessa Selimovic: Postdoctoral fellow (2020-2022), now Research Associate at UMich
Sree Chaliyakunnel: Postdoctoral fellow (2020-2022)
Amy Christiansen: Postdoctoral fellow (2020-2022), now Assistant Professor at UMKC
Keri Nauman: Biochemistry and Geosciences, B.S. (2021), now Monitoring Coordinator for Air Quality at MT DEQ
Catie Wielgasz: Chemistry M.S. (2021), now Analytical Chemist at Eurofins
Ahsan Mozaffar: Postdoctoral fellow (2020), now Associate Professor at NUIST
Ming Lee Harris-Weidner: Research intern (2020)
Emi Okitsu: Undergraduate researcher (2019)
Qian Wang: Visiting Ph.D. student (2018), now Faculty at Guizhou Education University
David Burton: Undergraduate researcher (2018)