Research Stations

and Research Areas

  • a lakeside dock with boat and adirondack chairs

    Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS)

    Flathead Lake Biological Station is  located at Yellow Bay, where FLBS faculty and staff work on environmental issues worldwide as well as on the Flathead River-Lake ecosystem. The FLBS Summer Field Ecology program, which serves both UM and visiting students, features hands-on courses embedded in Rocky Mountain biota, landscapes, and communities.

  • a bird in an experiment

    Field Research Station at Fort Missoula

    The Field Research Station is a DBS research facility for physiological, functional and ecological research located a short drive from the main UM Campus in the historic district of Fort Missoula. It includes both research buildings and natural areas used for research, education and community outreach.

  • grassy hillside with rainbow

    UM Natural Areas

    The University of Montana has extensive natural areas available for research, education and recreation, including 500 acres on the face of the iconic Mount Sentinel and 100 acres on the banks of the Bitterroot River at Fort Missoula. These places are managed primarily for conservation of native plants and animals, but also receive heavy recreational use.