Budget Committee

University Budget Committee


Every Biennium the first priority of the University Budget Committee is the development of budget planning and alignment of its priorities to support the UM 2020 Strategic Plan and each respective Biennial Priorities list. In doing such, the Budget committee will review
  • Legislative and MUS economic and financial projections,
  • The Governor’s executive budget proposal,
  • The UM Annual and Biennial budget models, and
  • Current Enrollment, Revenue, and Expense Projections.
From this review, the committee will identify and suggest any needed base adjustments to the budget model, prior to consideration of new budget initiatives or strategic reallocations. 
The committee will then evaluate
  • Sector budget reports,
  • New initiative proposals, and
  • Requests for current year budget adjustments.
Based on this evaluation, the committee will advise by
  • Making recommendations to the President and the Council of Vice Presidents regarding current year budget adjustments, or OTO allocations from Contingency,
  • Making recommendations for base budget changes, reallocations, or new initiatives.



Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance


Stacey Eve, Interim Associate Vice President for Operations & Finance


Vice Presidents:

  • Reed Humphrey, Acting Provost
  • Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President:

  • Dawn Ressel, Associate Vice President, University Data Office, Institutitional Research


  • Laurie Baefsky, Dean, College of Arts & Media
  • Tom Gallagher, Dean, Missoula College
 Faculty Senate:
  • Christina Barsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration & Policy
  • Tony Crawford, Chair, Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance

 Staff Senate:

  • Luke Alford, Program Coordinator, School of  Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training

Faculty Association:

  • Jeff Bookwalter, UFA Treasurer


  • Jack Rinck, ASUM Business Manager
  • Joselyn Jolly, ASUM Senator
  • Mariah Mcintosh, Graduate Student Representative

FAM (Finance Academic Mangers):

  • Katie Dalessio, Director of Fiscal and Personnel Services, Missoula College
  • Kristin Person, Director of Budgets and Personnel, College of Education
  • Jolyn Schleiffarth, Director of Fiscal and Personnel Services, College of Humanities & Sciences

Other Members

  • Hillary Stowell, Director of Academic Budgets and Personnel, Office of the Provost
  • Cindy Johnson, Budget and Fiscal Manager, Budget, Planning & Analysis
  • Kinsey Anderson, Associate Budget and Fiscal Manager, Budget, Planning & Analysis