Montana Information Systems Association

Our Mission

The mission of this chapter is to promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, student outreach, and community development.

Getting Involved

Students are encouraged to be proactive and get involved while attending the University of Montana College of Business (COB). Becoming a member of MISA gives students a chance to learn about a variety of different careers and opportunities through presentations by professionals and field trips to local businesses. Members also have the opportunity to provide community service by tutoring students in two MIS courses (BMIS 270 MIS Foundations for Business and BMIS 365 Business Application Development).

Alumni can also become involved with MISA by providing fundraising opportunities, internships, and by donating to the MISA Scholarship.

MISA has been very successful in the past few years.  This is due to the fact that students and alumni have been able to work together to bring quality presentations and events to COB. MISA had the honor of winning a few International Awards which brought great recognition to COB and the MIS department.

About Us

The Montana Information Systems Association (MISA) was formed in the spring semester of 2000. It is an organization founded by Management Information Systems students to network and organize events that will help students succeed in the Information System field. MISA is also a Student Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

Joining MISA is a great way to supplement your learning, find employment opportunities, and help fellow students in need. It also looks great on a résumé! To see our photo gallery please visit our Facebook  or Instagram page.

Members are required to pay a small fee each semester that goes towards helping MISA be able to put on events and provide students with amazing opportunities.