Non-Purchase Order Payments

Guidelines for Non-Purchase Order (Exempt from contract or Non PO) Payments - Updated 10/26/21

The only Authorized buying methods for campus are an Official University Purchase Order (PO) from GrizMart or a University ProCard Number. The only exceptions  to these buying methods are noted within these guidelines. In accordance with the Administrative Rules of Montana, the payment method used for purchases of $5,000 and below should be the University ProCard, except for the State of Montana interagency purchases (ARM 2.5.603).

Although the items and services noted on this page are exempt from procurement requirements, if a vendor requires a purchase order or needs a contract signed by The University of Montana, you will need to request for a contract/purchase order in GrizMart through the normal requisition process.  This includes vendors wanting their terms and conditions to be considered as part of our agreement or they do not accept the University’s terms and conditions.

Please visit Procurement References for other relevant procurement information.

1. Complete the following transactions  on paper forms and forward to Accounts Payable for processing:

Payment Type


Request and Authorization to Travel/Travel Expense Report


Athletics Split the Pot Transactions

STP Winner Form

Employee Moving/Relocation Expenses

Relocation Expense Tax Form

2. Complete the following transactions using the Non-PO Payment Form in GrizMart.

NEVER attach an invoice that is covered by a PO to a Non-PO Payment form for payment. If you receive an invoice covered by a PO, make sure the PO # is on the invoice (write it on the invoice if needed), mark it “OK to pay” with your signature, and forward it to the Accounts Payable Office for payment.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide guidance.

Call any Procure 2 Pay staff member with any questions, or to suggest changes or additions to this list.

Non-PO Payment List

For Official State exemptions click here (MCA's)and (ARM's) otherwise see list below.

NOTE 1: You must attach the following signed forms to the Non-PO Payment Form in GrizMart:

    • Entertainment/Meeting Approval - Downloadable within the non po form on GrizMart

NOTE 2: Honorariums must be a Contract Service but you do not have to have an SOW for these if you have the proper supporting documentation outlining payment info: