Advisor/Advisee Responsibilities

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Be available to students on a regular basis and be conscientious about posting and adhering to a schedule of office hours for advising conferences.
  • Review the University of Montana’s catalog and keep current on academic policies.
  • Establish personal relationships and rapport with advisees.
  • Discuss long-range educational and vocational goals, and assist in planning appropriate academic programs.
  • Know about resource persons to whom to refer students for information and advice.
  • Assist in the development of a course of study, including selecting Core classes, electives, and course pre-requisites.
  • Provide advisees with information about alternatives, limitations, and possible consequences of academic decisions.

Advisee Responsibilities:

  • Assume ultimate responsibility for his or her education and academic program.
  • Review and understand the University of Montana’s catalog.
  • Be knowledgeable about college policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • Contact the advisor in a timely fashion for registration advising and other necessary appointments.
  • Keep advising appointments and be on time.
  • Contact the academic advisor immediately with concerns about academic progress in a particular class or during the semester.