Alcohol Policy

Are you confused by who, when and why an Alcohol Use Form must be completed and turned in?

Let’s test your compliance knowledge – GO!

Case Study

Your supervisor asks you to organize this year’s holiday party for the faculty and staff in your department. With the tight budget constraints and lack of restaurant availability due to the short notice of your event, your supervisor decides to host the party at her home instead. Your supervisor tells you not to fill out an Alcohol Use Form because “we’re going to bring our own food and drinks, and besides, this party isn’t even on campus…” You are reluctant to send out the party announcement because you are sure an Alcohol Use Form is required.

Is your supervisor correct? Can you skip completing the Alcohol Use Form?

No. The Alcoholic Beverage Policy requires all UM events involving the service or sale of alcoholic beverages (either on-campus or off-campus) to be approved by the President by completing and submitting the Alcohol Use Form in advance of the event date.

Is it okay to hold a holiday party off campus?

Yes. But a departmental holiday party off campus is still a University-sponsored event and University policies and procedures must be followed.

Can the department bring its own alcoholic beverages to the party?

Yes. But, liquor liability coverage must be in place naming the University as an additional insured. This can be done one of three ways: Your department can hire an off-campus licensed liquor vendor or caterer to serve the alcohol. Or your department can purchase a special alcohol event policy through UM’s Risk Management Office (for a fee) prior to the event. However, the easiest, and often cheaper way to handle this is to arrange for UM Dining to cater the off-campus event because UM Dining will use the University’s licensed alcohol vendor to provide and serve the alcohol and to provide the liquor liability insurance. When you complete the Alcohol Use Form, be sure to indicate in Part 3 which one of these options your department is using.

Who must comply with this policy?

All UM Faculty, staff, and students who are providing the sale, services and/or consumption of alcohol at a University- sponsored event must comply with the Alcohol Policy. In this case, both the supervisor and you as the person authorized to organize the event must make sure the alcohol form is completed and the policy is followed.

When should I fill out the Alcohol Use Form?

Please plan ahead! When alcohol is being served, sold and/or consumed at a University- sponsored event, please arrange to get your Alcohol Use Form submitted at least a week ahead of the event date to allow time for review and approval.

Why do I have to fill out the Alcohol Use Form?

To ensure compliance with state laws, Board of Regents and University Policies which are in place to protect you, the University relies upon you to make sure the appropriate risk measures and liability coverages are in place.