Supervisor/Management Responsibilities

Are you in a supervisory or management role? Have you thought about your responsibilities recently? Supervisors MUST model expected behaviors and lead by example. YOUR responsibilities include educating yourself on the supervisor/management responsibilities discussed below.

Do I need to provide job-relevant learning? Yes. All employees need to complete job-relevant learning. Additionally, encourage giving and receiving constructive feedback, acknowledge accomplishments broadly, and help employees take personal responsibility for continual learning and skill growth.

Should I follow MUS Staff Compensation Plan Performance Review policies and procedures? Yes, if your employees fall under these policies and procedures, work with them to set clear objectives, monitor their performance, and provide constructive feedback.

Do I need to manage personnel? Yes. Resolve work-related employee problems immediately, and if necessary, contact Human Resource Services for mediation services and advice. Also, communicate with employees in a clear, concise, accurate, and timely manner.

How do I keep my employees safe? Adhere to University safety, security, and health requirements.

Should I set priorities and allocate resources appropriately? Yes. Conduct short and long-term planning and efficiently implement plans to accomplish University/department/area goals.

Who is responsible for delegating work effectively? The supervisor/manager! Efficiently direct others to accomplish work by selecting and motivating appropriate staff, defining assignments, and overseeing employees’ work.

Thank you for being a role model, and educating yourself on YOUR responsibilities!

If you have questions or concerns or are unsure about proper responsibilities, contact Human Resource Services or refer to the Supervisor Performance Review Form