What does University policy say?

Can I bring my dog to work and have him/her hang out with me in the office?

Can I burn incense?

We want to sell alcohol at a fundraising event, can I do this?

We have a student group that wants to set up an outside checking account, how do I do that?

Work-related questions such as these often can be answered by consulting the UM policies. UM policies can be easily accessed on the University Operating Policies website.

UM employees should be familiar with the UM policies and consult them regularly, because consistent application of uniform policies helps us provide efficient, effective and transparent management of all University operations. Also, the procedures linked to the policies contain specific steps or actions to comply with policy. Procedures may include examples, forms to use, and often a point of contact for assistance.

The creation and revision University Operating Policies occurs through our shared governance process, with ultimate authority for approval resting with the University President. Recently, the University improved the process for creating, reviewing, and disseminating policies. The University has implemented an automated process in U-Approve where you can propose a new policy or change an existing policy.

To propose a change to a current policy or propose a new policy: Login into U-Approve with your NetID and click on “Forms,” then click on “Administration and Finance,” and then click on “Policy.” The program will take you to a listing of all the current University policies. On the top of the page you will see two tabs: Revise an Existing Policy or Create a New Policy. The program will lead you through the steps to propose a revision or to create a new policy. We recommend that you check in with your sector head before submitting policy proposals.

If you need assistance with U-Approve or have questions regarding policies, please contact one of the following:

Kathy Burgmeier – 243-2545
Claudia Denker-Eccles – 243-4755