Second Wind

Spring 2024

Next reading

Who: Novelist, poet, and filmmaker Therese Svoboda will be reading with second-year Fiction MFA student Norma Barksdale

When: Wednesday, April 10th at 7pm

Where: This event is being graciously hosted at the home* of Robin McLean - 1221 Kemp St., Missoula, MT 59801

*Weather permitting we will likely have the event outside so feel free to bring a blanket/chair and a layer!

Here is the current line-up for the rest of the semester (subject to change):


Brady Harrison

Jeff Guay

Robin Bisset


Tom Lin

Willa Zhang


Em Bober

Lily Emerick Valentine

Lauren Tess


Caroline Patterson, MFA candidate

Caroline Patterson, local author

Spring 2022

  • January 23: Luke Larkin, Robert Stubblefield
  • January 30: Mirela Music, Zaina Arafat
  • February 6: Rick White, Hal Herring
  • February 27: Gabi Graceffo, Wesley Kapp
  • March 6: Kate Garcia, Noah Davis
  • April 10: Alina Cohen, Maxim Loskutoff
  • April 24: Brandon Hansen, Mark Sundeen
  • May 1: Mark Spero, Emmett Knowlton, Anne Kolle, at the ZACC

Fall 2021

  • September 12: Emily Collins, Emily Ruskovich
  • October 3: Alexandra Ore, Smith Henderson
  • October 17: Madeline Tecmire, Mara Panich (owner of Fact & Fiction bookstore)
  • November 7: Sabrina Black, Cedar Brant
  • November 21: Sam Robison, Michael Earl Craig
  • December 5: Brianna Franklin, Dan Brooks

Spring 2021

  • January 24: Willy Doehring, Amy Ratto Parks
  • February 7: Madison Hinrichs, Sarah Aswell
  • February 21: Rebecca Jacobson, Melissa Stephenson
  • March 7: Connor Southard, Hunter Pauli
  • March 21: Liana Woodward, Heather Cahoon
  • April 4: Dave Stalling, Sam Dunnington
  • April 18: Jake Bienvenue, Sam Boudreau