About the Initiative

This Initiative is designed to provide useful information to anyone who is interested in the Crown region in general. But our mission is especially focused on gathering and reporting about the extensive and diverse research and educational activities that take place related to the Crown. The Website, along with our Crown of the Continent E-Magazine, serves to disseminate relevant information of various kinds and both elicit and inspire new exploration, news, research projects and results, new teaching and learning opportunities, as well as new photography, stories, and art works.

The Website seeks to enhance and expand upon the online publications that are part of our mission. We aim to provide here additional kinds of information, resources, and materials that we gather from a wide range of sources, both those that are generated by UM faculty and students and those that come from our many partners, collaborators, and friends. We invite you to explore this Crown Website and hope that you will learn much about this exciting initiative and about the Crown of the Continent itself. We also invite you to contact us at the e-mail address crown.yellowstone@umontana.edu with any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns that you might have.