Dental Services

Curry Health Center Dental offers low cost, high quality exams and digital X-rays.  We provide focused exams for emergency situations and routine comprehensive ‘check-up’ exams as time allows.  Our recent renovation has allowed us to be more integrated as a dental team and boasts new dental chairs, operatories and reception area.    


Preventative dental hygiene care is offered to students at Curry Health Center Dental. We recommend visits every 3-6 months to help maintain your oral health.

Preventing periodontal disease (gum disease) and tooth decay are important in maintaining oral health as well as whole-body health. There is a two-way relationship between oral health and whole-body health. Your dental hygienist will help you learn techniques to prevent oral diseases.

These are things they can help you with:

  • Correct dental hygiene care.
  • Education on foods you eat and how they affect your oral health.
  • Tobacco counseling.
  • How other health factors and medications may affect your oral health.

Curry Health Center Dental restores teeth that are damaged by decay, chips, cracks, or teeth that have broken down.  We do fillings with a variety of materials and can crown teeth as needed.


We use traditional amalgam (metal) and aesthetic composite resin (tooth colored) fillings to restore teeth.


Dental Crowns (caps) completely cover a tooth.  They are placed on cracked or badly broken down teeth, or teeth which have had root canals.  They are made from materials such as porcelain bonded to gold alloy, high grade gold alloy, or high grade porcelain.

Root canals are performed for a variety of reasons. If decay has gone into the pulp or ‘nerve’ of a tooth, a tooth has broken too far down, or a tooth has simply ‘died’, a root canal is done. This allows patients to keep their tooth if enough of it is left, instead of having it extracted.

If a tooth has suffered significant trauma, decay or periodontal disease around it, extraction may be recommended. If it is necessary, we do extract teeth. We do not extract impacted teeth at our clinic, but are able to provide a referral and X-Ray if this is needed.  

Referrals to specialists and/or private practice offices are made for the following specialty services not provided by the Curry Health Center Dental Clinic:

  • Periodontics (e.g. gum surgery).
  • Orthodontics (braces).
  • Dentures and partial dentures.
  • Oral surgery-including extraction of impacted teeth.
  • Complex root canal treatment.
  • Extensive/complex restorative treatment plans.
  • Dental Implants.

Specialists and other private practice dentists assess their own fees for the services they provide to students.  Students are responsible for payment of those fees.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common problem that occurs when people sleep.  It can cause many problems—including loss of tooth structure.

Curry Health Center Dental makes custom-fit nightguards (occlusal splints) for people who brux (grind) to help prevent or resolve any negative effects. We recommend getting an exam first in order to get the best fit possible.

Call to schedule your appointment, 406-243-5445 or visit the Patient portal to schedule on-line. If you need urgent dental work due to an accident, we will fit you in as fast as possible!