Degree in 3

Degree in 3

About the Degree in 3 Program

The University of Montana (UM) offers a unique opportunity for students to expedite and complete their degree in only three years. The Degree in 3 Program at UM allows students a cost-effective way to shorten their path to graduation, and to enter the work-force or start graduate/professional programs earlier. This is the full bachelor’s degree, but completed more efficiently.

UM currently offers seven different degree options through the Degree in 3 Program, with more coming soon.

  1. Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies 
  2. Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  3. Bachelor of Science, Marketing 
  4. Bachelor of Science, Accounting
  5. Bachelor of Science, Finance 
  6. Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems
  7. Bachelor of Science, Business Management 

Estimated cost savings for students who participate in the Degree in 3 program are outlined here: Degree in 3 Value

All students are welcome and encouraged to explore this program. Students entering UM with college equivalent credits earned through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Dual Enrollment, Running Start or other similar programs are particularly well positioned to complete Degree in 3. Students entering without college equivalent credits can complete the three-year option by taking summer session courses each year. It is highly recommended that students interested in the Degree in 3 Program participate in Summer Start at UM to get a fast start on success. 

To sign up for the Degree in 3 Program, click the "Sign Up" button on the top ribbon of this page, enter the requested information, and click the "Send" button. For more information, please contact the Office for Student Success at 406 243 2800 or