Nutrition Counseling

When you come to college, you make decisions about your education: what you'll major in, how many credits you should take, and which courses will best develop the knowledge, skills, and experience you'll need to succeed in your endeavors. Nourishing your body and soul with exceptional, nutritious food is every bit as important. To help you thrive during your academic career, Campus Dining employs a full-time registered dietitian and a team of professional chefs who work together to provide you excellent, wholesome choices and make sure your nutritional needs are met. Here are some ways we do that:

  • Nutrition counseling with our registered dietitian is private, confidential, and available free of charge for all students on residential meal plans.
    • Wellness
    • Assistance with allergies
    • Medical restrictions
    • Intolerance
    • Religious guidelines
    • Eating disorders
  • Wellness and nutrition educational events
  • Presentations for student groups, academic classes, and other programs
  • Comprehensive educational brochures, resources, and information
  • Allergen notifications on our menu tags and access to complete nutritional information via our online menu or the UM mobile app.
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-friendly, and allergen-free menu items are available every meal period in the Food Zoo

Our team of culinary professionals is here to meet your individualized needs. Our primary goal is to provide you with wholesome, nutritious, scratch-cooked cuisine using local and sustainable sources whenever possible. We would be happy to discuss menu items, recipes, ingredients, or nutritional guidelines to ensure you're taken care of.

If you have a question about our nutrition program or would like to speak to someone about a dietary restriction or concern, please contact or stop by the Campus Dining Main Office in the Lommasson Center, Room 114, email the dietitian, or call (406) 243-6325 to make a private counseling appointment with our dietitian. We're here for you!