We are here to help all students be successful in their math classes to attain their educational goals.

Math skills and preparedness is a national challenge in the United States. The University of Montana is the birthplace of a nationally recognized leader that helps educators address this need: the EdReady Montana Program. It is un-paralleled, comprehensive and proven to be extremely effective.

Have you been away from math for a while? Do you feel less than confident in your skill set? Do you want to shorten and smooth the path to your degree? EdReady can help!

The EdReady Montana Program is a personalized, free, no-credit, online program that helps students master the mathematics skills they need to succeed: to work on improving a math placement score, to prepare for an upcoming math course, to fill in any gaps in general math skills, or to supplement a particular math course. Since the program is online, you can work on the material at your own pace whenever it best fits into your schedule. You will also receive support throughout the learning process, including progress checks, help with math content, and technical support.

To find out more about EdReady Montana, visit www.edreadymontana.org.

Every current and prospective student at UM can address gaps or challenges they have in math readiness to secure a strong foundation for college-level success using EdReady. We want to ensure our students are placed into a math class that accurately represents their skill level and are prepared for upcoming math classes, so that they can be successful.

Currently, there are modules built for students who want to:

  • prepare for the placement test,
  • use this as a low-stakes placement option for non-STEM courses,
  • refresh skills deemed essential for success in all math courses at the Calculus I level and below,
  • independently target certain skills as part of a co-requisite math course,
  • develop skills that apply to other math-intensive areas, such as chemistry, physics, or health sciences, and
  • increase practice and confidence in their math abilities.

Math is a sequential subject area, so the importance of having a solid foundation cannot be over-emphasized. EdReady can help build that solid foundation, ensuring that your skills are up-to-date with few to no gaps.

Course Preparation

  • If you have placed into a math class, but have not taken a course in the subject for a while, doing a module in EdReady for that class is strongly recommended to "get your math-brain re-oiled."
  • If you are planning on taking a course that requires strong math abilities (such as chemistry or physics), there are modules built to help you freshen up your math skills.

Placement Preparation

  • If you want to practice prior to taking a placement exam or work on improving your score by retaking one, there are modules that can help.  By having a placement score that accurately reflects your skill level, you can often save significant time and money.

Skills Placement

  • If your major requires M 105 Contemporary Mathematics or M 115 Probability & Linear Math to graduate, we offer skills placement in EdReady. This is a low-stakes placement option, where students work through a module that exercises the skills deemed necessary for success in the course, and completion of which serves as a substitute to the placement exam. While this may take more time than a test, results have shown that students are able to avoid taking developmental classes and are more prepared by brushing up on necessary skills prior to the first day of class!
  • Additionally, if you wish to register for the co-requisite section of M 121 College Algebra (also known as College Algebra Plus), completion of the M 121 module can serve as a skills placement tool.

Confidence Booster

  • If you want reassurance that you are prepared for your upcoming math course, EdReady helps boost your confidence in your abilities before stepping foot in the classroom.

In order to register for EdReady, we need to collect a little information about you:

EdReady Sign-up Form

Once you provide your information, it may take up to one week for the team to enter you into an EdReady section.  If, after 7 days, you have not received a username and password for login, please check your junk mail folder for the invite.

If you don't see it there either, please send an email to FernL@mso.umt.edu and ask to have your registration checked.

Note: This can sometimes happen if you incorrectly entered your email address on the sign-up form.

Once you have your account set up and received your log-in information, you can visit the EdReady Montana log-in page.  If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please email us.