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EdReady is designed to help you prepare for the math placement test, as well as provide you with the skills to be successful in any math class offered at UM or the Missoula College that is at or below the Applied Calculus (M 162) level.

Please note that the EdReady program does help prepare students for the algebraic portion of Calculus I (M 171), but does not have in-depth modules for the trigonometry needed for success in that course. Please contact the Math Department for specific online sites for trigonometry assistance.

Any Montana resident or any current/future student attending an institution of higher education in Montana.

EdReady is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a web-based program, available through any web browser or wherever you access the Internet.

It can be used at any time to prep for the placement test, as a skills placement, or for any of the math classes that are numbered at or below M 162. However, for best results, we recommend you use EdReady soon before taking the placement or your desired math course, in order to ensure your skills are up-to-date.

Completing an EdReady module may allow you to test into a math class that more accurately represents your skill level, thus saving you significant time and money. You can also use it for:

  • Course Preparation - If you have not taken a math course for a while, but have placed into the appropriate math course for your major, completing a module in EdReady before taking the course is strongly recommended to "get your math-brain re-oiled." EdReady modules can also help you freshen up your math skills before taking a math-dependent course in areas like chemistry and physics.
  • Skills Placement - For students who need M 105 or M 115 to satisfy one of their degree requirements, EdReady can be used for skills placement. This is a low-stakes placement option that allows students to work through a module containing the necessary skills for success in the course and, upon completion of the module, serves as a substitute for a placement test. While this may take more time than a test, results have shown that students are able to avoid taking developmental math courses and are more prepared for their math class because they got to brush up on those necessary skills prior to the first day of class. Additionally, completion of the M 121 EdReady module can serve as placement into M 121 Plus, the co-requisite section of M 121.
  • Confidence Boost - Completing an EdReady module can reassure you that you are prepared for your upcoming course.
EdReady is a personalized program, so the amount of time it takes for a student to complete a module varies greatly.  First, you begin by taking an 'assessment' test to determine the specific areas you need to practice; hence, the more areas where gaps exist, the longer it will take to complete the program. On average, students need to spend around 10 hours in the program to earn a score that ensures success. Again, given your individual needs, it may take longer or shorter than that.

Use the EdReady Sign-up Form!

Using the form linked above, we will collect your information and sign you up for an appropriate module. This process may take up to 7 days, but is often completed in less time.

Note: If you have not received your login after 1 week, please check your junk mail, then email

Visit EdReady Montana's "What do I do if I forget my username or password?" page for step-by-step instructions or contact Lauren Fern at
Visit EdReady Montana's "How do I start studying in EdReady Montana after I sign up?" page for step-by-step instructions.

You are correct! There are several options for placement, as well as entry points into the math curriculum. They are outlined below, but for personalized assistance, please contact either your academic advisor or UM's Student Success Coordinator in Mathematics, Lauren Fern, or both.

Gateway Course Options:

We want to help our students be successful in their studies and complete their coursework in the most time effective manner possible. To this end, we have options for students at all entry points, regarding both skill and confidence:

  • We offer our standard gateway math courses for our students.
  • We offer co-requisite courses (also referred to as Plus sections) either for our students who do not place directly into a college-level course or for those who feel like they could benefit from the extra practice in their math skills while taking a college-level course. National statistics show significant increases in success and retention rates for students who choose this route. Students enroll in the same college-level course, but meet more frequently to provide extra support, so they can actively engage in the content. These classes are currently offered for M 105, M 115, and M 121.
  • We offer traditional developmental-level math courses for students who seek a structured, guided class setting to learn arithmetic and beginning algebra skills.

Placement Options:

Incoming students will need to take a placement exam unless they tested out using AP, IB, or CLEP scores or they completed a college-level course prior to attending UM. If not, here are your options for placement:

  • If your intended area of study is in a STEM field or you will need M 121 or above, you will need to take the placement exam.
  • If your intended area of study does not require M 121 and you do not place into your required course through ACT/SAT scores, then you can either take the placement exam or complete the EdReady Skills Placement.
  • If you took the placement exam and placed into your desired math course and feel ready, awesome! Enjoy!
  • If you didn't place into your desired math course, but feel confident and just a bit rusty, do a skills refresher in EdReady, then retest!

EdReady is personalized, through taking an initial assessment test to see what areas you need to work on. The program then creates an individualized study plan targeting precisely those areas. The modules include topic text, videos, and plenty of opportunities for practice.

You also receive support throughout the learning process, which includes progress checks, help with content (if needed), and technical support.

For technical assistance, please contact For mathematics assistance, please contact Lauren Fern at

Once you complete the module, please contact Lauren Fern.  She can help arrange for you to take, or retake, the placement exam and can help with any scheduling or advising matters for your next math course.

Yes! If you want to know how you can use EdReady, or if you already have ideas regarding how you would like to use it, please contact Lauren Fern at