Institute for Early Childhood Education

The UM Institute for Early Childhood Education is a specialty unit for convening researchers, faculty, students, community professionals, and policymakers who work collectively to create a better future for young children (birth – age eight) and their families. Anchored in the values and core beliefs put forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the goal of advancing a diverse, dynamic, early childhood profession and support for all who care for, educate, and work on behalf of young children and their families the Institute aims to: (1) foster collaboration among university faculty with strong common interest in research with early childhood populations; (2) model demonstration of research-based, high-quality practices through the Learning and Belonging (LAB) School and community school partnerships, (3) promote research to practice across degree programs, local classrooms, informal learning spaces, and community settings and, (4) engage university faculty in collaborative relationships with local, state, and regional stakeholders.

Video: Institute for Early Childhood Education