Available Courses

In addition to the core program required courses, each Systems Ecology M.S. student will select, under the supervision and advice of their graduate committee, relevant course work from a broad suite of graduate courses. The following courses are currently offered by Systems Ecology faculty. Details of these course can be found on departmental websites.


Courses by Area

BIOS  532 Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science

BIOS 534 Integrated Systems Ecology

BIOS 594 Systems Ecology Seminar

BMKT 460 Marketing of Emerging Technology & Innovation

BMKT 680 Innovation & the Use of Big Data

CSCI 547 Machine Learning

CSCI 548 Pattern Recognition

CSCI 558 Intro to Bioinformatics

ENSC 501 Scientific Approaches to Environmental Problems

ENSC 540 Watershed Conservation

ENST 542 Conservation Without Borders

FORS 538 Ecology Statistics

FORS 558 Landscape Ecology

FORS 540 Fire Disturbance Ecology

GPHY 489 Cartography/GIS Laboratory

GPHY 504 Research Design in the Geographical Sciences

GPHY 505 Research Design in Geographical Sciences II

GPHY 525 Advanced Physical Geography

GPHY 550 Seminar in Geography

GPHY 587 Image Analysis & Modeling

JRNL 505 Journalism and Society Seminar

NRSM 408 Global Cycles and Climate

NRSM 418 Ecosystem Climatology

NRSM 465 Foundations of Restoration Ecology

NRSM 532 Forest Ecosystem Analysis

NRSM 574 Perspectives in Human Dimensions