Information for Current Grads

Congratulations on being accepted into a graduate program at the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation!  The following information will help you orient to the college and our graduate program.

FCFC Graduate Student Handbook

Systems Ecology Intercollegiate Graduate Student Handbook

COVID-19 Resources for FCFC Graduate Students

Structure of the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation 

The FCFC is divided into the following departments:

Each faculty member is associated with one of these departments.  As a graduate student, you are associated with the department to which your committee chair belongs. 

Department Administrative Associates

The College has four administrative associates and they play an important role in supporting graduate students.  Please start with them if you need assistance in regard to nonacademic questions (issues like assistance with travel paperwork, office assignments, mailboxes, and key requests) or for reserving FCFC rooms and equipment (FCFC or UM fleet vehicles, conference rooms, laptops, projectors, laser pointers and conference phones).  Any FCFC administrative associate will be happy to assist you, but try to work through the administrative associate who is the primary support for your graduate committee chairperson.  Ask your committee chair if you are uncertain which administrative associate provides their primary support.

Course Requirements and Deadlines

All FCFC graduate students should work with their advisor to create a coursework curriculum based on the students' individual interests.  Wendy Maltonic (FOR 203; 406-243-6655) can help students understand general UM degree requirements, committee appointments, deadlines and scholarships. You can also find any information about requirements and deadlines in the FCFC Graduate Student Handbook, the Systems Ecology Intercollegiate Graduate Student Handbook, or the Policies and Procedures for Wildlife Biology Graduate Students Handbook.

Office Space and Mailboxes

We try to provide office space for as many graduate students as possible.  The College Council makes the official decision on office space based on the student's need and availability.  Graduate students that are interested in office space should contact their department's administrative associate.  If your office space is located in the Clapp building, your mailbox will be in the Clapp mail room (CHCB 413A).  If your office is located in the Forestry, Stone Hall or Bioresearch buildings, your mailbox will be in the FCFC Main Office (FOR 109).


If you need to get keys for rooms or buildings that are under the control of the FCFC, please see your administrative associate.  Keys are $13 each plus a $5 non-refundable materials/labor fee.

IT Information

IT Support
We employ a new one-stop destination for your IT needs.  Faculty, staff, and students can use the UM Solution Center to find solutions/information by searching the knowledge base and can request IT related support by filling out an Incident request or a Service request.  You can also email and we will be happy to help you.  If you are unable to get online or email, you can visit our IT office in FOR 202.

How to Login to Computers
Username =
Password = your NetID password

Connect to Eduroam Wireless network
Password: NetID password

Computer Labs
The FCFC has 4 computer labs in Stone Hall. 

If you need to print in the FCFC computer labs or other student printers on campus, you will need to add money to your UMoney account.  If you are a TA and need to print course material email and we will get you setup.

File Storage
UM has both OneDrive (recommended) and Box. Both are cloud-based storage and collaboration tools.  If OneDrive or Box does not meet your needs, please email and we will help you find a solution.

Accounting Information

Laurie Belcher (Forestry 112; 406-243-6782) is the Director of Accounting and Fiscal Operations for the FCFC and she has two other staff members working with her.  Each accounting employee works with a specific subset of faculty and staff.

For information on who you should see for travel paperwork, grant assistance, payroll information and more, contact our Accounting Office at or stop by FOR 103 or FOR 112.  Please be sure to contact the Accounting Office or your departmental admin before you plan to travel so that they can help make sure all of the appropriate forms are completed.

Graduate Contracts or Student Pay Information

If you are being provided a Research Assistantship through your major professor, then he/she will need to make sure the W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation’s Accounting Office has that information.  Once that information is relayed to them, they will be able to generate a graduate contract for you.  If you are being provided a Teaching Assistantship through the College, again the Accounting Office will be generating that contract for you.  If you are going to be paid from the College other than by a graduate contract, the Accounting Office will make sure the correct paperwork is completed including a hiring packet.  UM's Grad School web site details fees and other costs.

Calendar of Events

We have events (such as seminars, deadlines, special events and more) posted on the FCFC homepage.  Please check often for new updates.  You can also add this calendar as an RSS feed to your email inbox.  For help setting this up, please contact our IT Office.

To have your thesis defense posted on our calendar, please contact your Administrative Associate with the date, time and place.