Stella Duncan Memorial Research Institute

Center Review Recommendation 
(Academic Policy 103)


A. Written Report Summary:

1.     Purpose
Support basic research related to lung cancer disease.

2.     Objectives:   
Advance our knowledge of the cause, prevention, amelioration, and cures of lung disease.

3.     Anticipated activities:   
The University of Montana Foundation invests the funds of Stella Duncan's bequest in such a manner that the principal will be maintained and hopefully increases, while a portion of the interest earned can be used for research (approximately $20,000/year).

4.     Other organizations involved
(a) Barbara Wright, Director of the Institute and Research Professor in the Division of Biological Sciences
(b) The University of Montana Foundation (Account 57A)
(c)  Trustees of the Stella Duncan Memorial Fund

5.     Reporting line:
The Institute's reporting line is Research Administration, Grants and Contracts.

6.     Relationships with institutional mission and contribution to academic programs:
As a research professor, the Director Barbara Wright obtains grants, supports and mentors undergraduate and graduate students, serves on committees, gives lectures in colleagues courses, collaborates and publishes with other investigators in the Division of Biological Sciences.

7.     Similar programs:

8.     Budget:
The Director, Barbara Wright is the only faculty member of the Institute, and devotes all of her time to research on basic mechanisms underlying mutations and cancer, including lung cancer.  Funds from the institute are not used for new faculty or support personnel. Approximately $20,000 a year is used for supplies and equipment to supplement funds raised from NIH or from private Foundations.          


B. Review and Approval Process
The Faculty Senate through its Chair, who in turn shall distribute it to ECOS and other committees, and approve or disapprove the proposal by a vote of the Senate.

Review in terms of Scope as stated in academic policy 100.0
To provide instruction, scholarship, or service to the University, state or world by:  (1) focusing attention on an area of strength and/or addressing a critical issue, or (2) facilitating collaborative, multi-disciplinary endeavors to combine resources from several programs or institutions to address issues of common interest.

Review in terms of the University's mission.

§   Comments: The program pursues basic research.


§   Does ECOS/Faculty Senate consider this center controversial? No

§   Is the relationship with academic units beneficial? The program reports involvement with the Division of Biological Sciences.


§   Is the program revenue neutral or does it consume more resources than it generates? If so, is the use of University resources justified?  All funding comes from a donor's bequest.


§   Is the entity making progress toward objectives?   Unable to determine; no specific information was provided.

Recommendation:  Continue
The Stella Duncan Institute continues to support basic research related to lung cancer disease.