International Travel Guidance

1. Consult UM Travel Policies

Based on Commissioner of Higher Education guidance for the Montana University system, the following protocol related to UM sponsored international travel is effective immediately. Any UM sponsored travel to countries rated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Level 4 is prohibited. Faculty, staff, and students wishing to travel to countries rated Department of State (DOS) levels 3 or 4 or CDC level 3 are required to petition permission for travel from the UM International Travel Review Committee (ITRC) by submitting a risk management plan with enhanced COVID-specific risk mitigation and contingency plans with final approval by the Provost.  UM will conduct a program-specific review on UM-sponsored study abroad programs using a nuanced multi-factorial approach that considers, for example, host nation COVID-19 dynamics, travel and border restrictions, housing and food security, and host organization programming. Students participating in an approved program will be required to participate in an online health and safety orientation and will complete an enhanced risk management plan as part of this required orientation. Every approved traveler is also required to sign a COVID-specific additional agreement and acknowledgement of risk, register their travel, and purchase a GEOBlue International Insurance Plan.                

The University of Montana acknowledges that the COVID-19 situation is evolving quickly around the world. As a result, CDC and DOS levels may change with very little notice. The ITRC is committed to reviewing petitions with a quick turnaround to accommodate these changes.  We recognize the challenging conditions created for our community by the pandemic while acknowledging its uneven impact around the world.

NOTE: Native students, faculty & staff who have reserves on both sides of the US/Canadian border (individuals covered under Jay's Treaty) shall be exempt from the travel registry requirement for travel to Canada. 

Please find out more information about UM International Travel Policy here.

Please find out more information about UM International Travel Procedures here.

2. Determine if you are traveling to a High-Risk Country

Consult the High Risk Travel Petition page to determine if you are traveling to a high-risk county. All UM faculty, staff, and students traveling for UM-related activities to High Risk Countries MUST petition permission for travel from UM International Travel Review Committee with final approval by the Provost by submitting a Risk Management Plan at least 30 days prior to departure.

3. Register Your Travel

The University of Montana provides a secure system for faculty, staff, and students to record travel plans and contact information. The registry is a convenient, one-stop service that supports emergency communication access and helps ensure that travelers have adequate medical, emergency evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage. Please check out the Register Your Travel page to learn more and register travel as either a staff/faculty or a student.

4. Enroll in GeoBlue International Insurance

All students, faculty and staff traveling abroad for UM related international travel are required to have international insurance coverage from the University's authorized vendor (GeoBlue) except if the program requires them to enroll in a specific insurance policy comparable to University policy. Please visit the Enroll in International Insurance page to find out more about GeoBlue and how to enroll.


For any questions or concerns, e-mail or call (406)243-2278.

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