International Travel Guidance

1. Consult UM Travel Policies

UM faculty, staff, and students participating in UM-related international travel are required to register their travel, purchase a GEOBlue international insurance plan, and sign an agreement and acknowledgement of risk prior to departure. All student travelers must also complete a risk management plan in addition to travel registration.

Faculty, staff, and students wishing to travel to countries rated Department of State (DOS) levels 3 or 4 or CDC levels 3 or 4 are required to petition permission for travel from the UM International Travel Review Committee (ITRC) by submitting a risk management plan (RMP) with final approval by the Provost.

Native faculty & staff who have reserves on both sides of the border (individuals covered under Jay’s Treaty) shall be exempt from the Travel Registry requirement when traveling to Canada.

More information about UM International Travel Policy.
More information about UM International Travel Procedures.

2. Determine if you are traveling to a High-Risk Country

Consult the High-Risk Travel Petition page to determine if your risk management plan has to be approved before you register your travel.

3. Register Your Travel

Please check out the Register Your Travel page to learn more and register travel as either a staff/faculty or a student.

4. Sign Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk

Every traveler UM faculty, staff, and students participating in UM-related international travel is required to sign agreement and acknowledgement of risk.

5. Enroll in GeoBlue International Insurance

All students, faculty and staff traveling abroad for UM related international travel are required to have international insurance coverage from the University's authorized vendor (GeoBlue) except if the program requires them to enroll in a specific insurance policy comparable to University policy. Please visit the Enroll in International Insurance page to find out more about GeoBlue and how to enroll.

For any questions or concerns, e-mail or call (406)243-2278.

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