International Travel Procedures

In evaluating requests for international travel to High Risk Countries Subject to Travel Advisories or Health Notices, the University will consider a number of factors, including, but not limited to, academic necessity and appropriateness of the travel, personal preparedness, and adequacy of the measures to mitigate the specific health and safety risks. The International Travel Review Committee shall determine if travel will be recommended for approval by the Provost and with what, if any, conditions.  If approved, travelers will be required to sign an Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk document.

If last-minute travel is required due to unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances (e.g. research projects that must be attended to on short notice) where the need to travel arises unexpectedly and quickly and it is not possible to register travel 30 days in advance, the traveler should register as soon as possible in order to allow time for enrollment in the required insurance policy.  Any travel to High Risk Countries Subject to Travel Advisories or Health Notices, must be registered at least 30 days in advance to allow time for review by the International Travel Review Committee.

The University shall not authorize international travel to any country for which the State Department has issued a mandatory evacuation order.

If travel is canceled, cancellation is the responsibility of the traveler or their designees.  To cancel scheduled travel, please work with the various vendors in the same manner that the travel was booked/ purchased.  It is recommended that travelers document the results of their cancellation efforts.  The University cannot ensure full cost and academic credit recovery to students in the event of a government- or university-mandated evacuation.

All students participating in UM related International travel must complete an orientation before travel. The type and content of the orientation required will depend on the program and destination. The Global Engagement Office will establish a process to ensure pre-trip orientation for students is available.

Students must not be on conduct probation for a Student Conduct Code violation to be eligible to participate in UM-related international activities.

Students participating in UM-related activities abroad are subject to the campus Student Conduct Code and any other rules of conduct established for the trip.  Failure to comply with conduct rules will result in dismissal from the trip and a requirement to return to the university or to the student’s home at the student’s own expense.