Graduate Student Produced Videos

The videos below showcase the talent of our graduate students. These videos represent programs from all across our campus. To view more, feel free to explore our Vimeo page.

 "Roots and Berries: A Visual Anthropology Documentary" by Marty Lopez

 "Fire in the Wilderness" by Mark Kreider

 "A Summer with Hummingbirds" by Chris Burgoyne

 "Montana Time" by Hannah Jordan

 "Uprooted" by Melea Burke

 "Education is Your Most Powerful Weapon" by Antonio Torres

 "Creating the New World" by Antonio Torres

 "Fungus among us" by Gerard Sapes, Patrick Demaree, Ylva Lekberg, and Anna Sala


"Simplifying biodiversity: genes, species, and ecosystems" by Brit Garner and Shaun Vorster



"Bird Count" by Rebecca Durham, Ph.D. candidate (Interdisciplinary Studies)



"The Beginning and the End" by Charlotte Nickel, M.F.A. (Media Arts)



"I Remember You" by Will Fesperman, a Spring 2020 graduate of the Creative Writing/Poetry program.



"Tyheed" by Annasofia Fialhocoelhodosreis, Ph,D, candidate (Educational Leadership)



"The Way Our Story Goes" by Ashley Hampton, Ph.D. candidate (Anthropology) and Ryan Augustine, M.A. candidate (Philosophy)