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GrizMart is the University of Montana’s online Procurement system designed to increase efficiencies in shopping, ordering, and buying goods. Users can search multiple vendor catalogs to find the products they want at a lower University negotiated price while reducing time spent price comparing.

Shop for products, create purchase orders, and enter invoices seamlessly into Banner. GrizMart offers a cost-saving procurement solution free of paper clutter promoting a greener campus.

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Centralized Printing and Paper Usage coming to UM.  UM will be centralizing and funding copiers, toner, and paper for campus. Jess Neidigh and the Staff at IT will be moving to a print anywhere system on campus.  This project is aimed at increasing printing reach, reducing costs, and decreasing staff resources used to maintain the patchwork system of machines that exist. To learn more on the printer centralization follow this link:

For those placing a requisition order on vehicles: please be aware that vehicle titles should be sent to Business Services (attn: Patrick Fagan), and not sent to the County, as we register vehicles through the state. Please note that plates and registration process will likely take anywhere between 4-8 weeks from when registration paperwork is sent to the state, to when the plates are delivered. Business Services will contact you once the plates have been received.


The UM Foundation will move to remote work beginning tomorrow, March 18, 2020. We want to ensure that we can continue sending payments to vendors and are therefore taking the following steps:


Payments for UM vendors need to be processed through UM.  This includes all personal reimbursements.  UM has more sophisticated payment processing systems in place that can better serve remote work.
We will continue reimbursing UM for payments made from gift indexes.  I encourage you to use the respective Foundation fund number as your activity code when submitting payment requests to UM.  This practice will help you to be able to sort through transactions when you are ready to submit for reimbursement.  The Foundation can include the activity code on the deposit to your gift index if you include the info on your check request.  Using the fund number as the activity code is a good practice to use beyond this interim period as well. 
On a very limited basis and only with the approval of our CEO(Cindy) and CFOO(Jamie), if you have made a purchase that is outside of UM policies, a check request can be submitted to the Foundation.
For this interim period, all check request must be submitted electronically. We will return to requiring hard copy submissions once remove work ends.To submit an electronic check request please do the following:
Complete the gray sections in the following table and include it in the body of your email message:


Vendor Name


Vendor Address


Index Code

(if applicable)


Activity Code

(if applicable)


How does this expenditure align with the purpose of this fund?


Invoice #


Fund Name


Project Code (if applicable)


Description to be entered into the accounting system































































Enter Total Manually


       9. Attach all required back up.  Clear legible scans and pictures taken with a phone will be    accepted. 
    10. Approval must be received via email directly from an approved signer.  The approval must include the “check request table” shown above. During this interim period, only one approval is needed, no second approval is required. 

     11. Do not submit any more paper check requests to the Foundation for this interim period.  We will   have reduced mail processing that will hinder our ability to process paper check requests. 

    12. Some little reminders:

  1. Did you attach original backup documentation to the Check Request email?
  2. If this is a payment to a UM Index, did you attach a UMDW Report?
  3. One authorized signer will need to email their approval.
  4. If the Payee is a University employee, their supervisor must approve the Check Request via email.
  5. If this is a request for an honorarium, consulting fee, or contracted services agreement?  If so, attach a contract or service agreement.  For first time Payees, attach an IRS W-9 form.
  6. Did you provide the vendor’s current mailing address?


AG Winter 2

Ag Winter 1





 How to place an order for printing

  1. Get an estimate. Contact Ken Price, Campus Liaison for Alphagraphics, to get an estimate for your project: Email, call 406-728-4810, or stop by Alphagaphics in the UC, formerly Campus Quick Copy or @1947 South Ave. West.
  2. Submit your order.
  • To pay by Procard: Place your order online at and clicking on "Send a File", or in person, or by phone.
  • To pay with an index via GrizMart: Choose Alphagraphics from the Vendor Showcase in GrizMart*. Provide a brief description of your project and the quoted dollar amount, and attach your quote.

*For GrizMart assistance, go to, or sign up for an IT short course.

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CDA is helping UM meets its 2020 goals

CDA places Diversity and Sustainability as top priorities in our company locally. CDA is a S-Corp owned on a 50/50 partnership between Jared Butterworth in Missoula and Gwen Marlow in Spokane, WA. Out of our 28 employees, 19 are women and fill roles from receptionists to owners in the company. We have policies in place that all waste from jobsites is recycled if possible (cardboard, metal, aluminum, plastic, etc.). We also partner with many non-profits in the Northwest to repurpose furniture when customers choose to dispose of old product.

CDA's Earth Friendly Materials - Click to see

CDA's Diversity Report

CDA Better World Report

  • How do you know if you should use line level accounting?  Click HERE!


grizmart, procurement made simple.

grizmart, procurement made simple.


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