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The Alexander Blewett III, School of Law at the University of Montana features several types of rooms and common areas to accommodate your meetings, lectures, receptions or special event. When scheduling an event at the law school, priority will go to our academic schedule, internalABIII events and ABIII student-sponsored events, so please keep in mind that there may be limited space.

Dean’s approval is needed for all facilities reservation requests so please allow 2-3 business days for your request to go through the necessary steps.

The law school events and facilities manager will coordinate with you and assist in planning your event.


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Technical Specifications

All rooms have audio amplification capabilities. A podium/lectern microphone and portable projection is available in most rooms. If additional wired or wireless microphones are needed, for a speaker or panel, they must be requested at least one week in advance of the event.

Rooms are capable of streaming audio and video without renter providing any additional equipment and having an account on a streaming/conferencing service (Zoom, WebEx). Any room is streaming capable if renter brings their own device that has webcam, microphone and internet connection capability.

A portable projection system and/or portable speaker system and microphone setup is available for events in the lobby or foyer at an additional cost and must be requested at least one week in advance of the event.

Technical support from LawIT is available for events from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If assistance is needed setting up or testing personal equipment, our events staff will work with you to set up an appointment during regular business hours.

Room # Projector Lecturn Microphone Wall- or Ceiling-Mounted TV HDMI Connection for Guest Laptop VGA Connection for Guest Laptop Streaming Audio Capability Streaming Video Capability
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018 Y N N Y Y Y Y
019 Y N N Y Y Y Y
101 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
173 N N Y Y Y Y Y
174 N N Y Y Y Y Y
161 N N Y N N Y Y
201 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
203 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
214 Y N N Y Y Y Y
215 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
219 Y Y N Y Y Y Y
313 Y N N N N N N

Common Areas

Atrium Cafe Plaza

The law school’s beautiful atrium provides a great place for natural light and a central location in the building for your event.  

The Lower One Commons is home to the Sidebar Café and features a cozy fireplace area under the staircase. This multi-purpose space is primarily used for tabling sessions or lunchtime gathering but can be transformed into a banquet floor for dinners and reception.

This outdoor venue provides an enclosed space that is great for receptions and reunions. It is located on the east side and is surrounded on three sides by the building, allowing for a semi-private event. The space has access to power and already has a few picnic tables available. More tables and chairs can be provided by the law school or UM Facilities at an extra cost. 


If you have questions about our facilities, feel free to contact us directly.

Leslie Collins

Leslie Collins

Administration Assistant
LAW 130
(406) 243-2549