Library step stoolThe Jameson Law Library’s facilities, collection and services are available to students, faculty and staff of the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana, and members of the bar, as well as the general public who require access to legal materials.

The Law Library’s primary mission is to serve the students, faculty and staff of the Alexander Blewett III School of Law. Jameson Law Library strives to provide:

  • a library environment that is safe and free of disruptive activity,
  • access to print and electronic library materials,
  • newspapers, journals, documents, and books that are complete and unmarked.

Law Library Use Policies

The library staff will assist with use of the library and its collections, but they cannot conduct legal research on behalf of a user. Library staff can help locate information, identify relevant resources, and develop search strategies. Library staff cannot provide advice on a legal problem, help fill out legal forms or draft legal documents, interpret legal materials, or explain how the law applies to a particular situation.

Law Library hours are posted in the library and on the library’s website. After hours, only Alexander Blewett III School of Law students, faculty, and staff may use the library. After-hours library users may not prop open library doors or allow admittance to anyone who cannot swipe in with a valid Griz Card that allows after-hours law library access.

Behavior that interferes with the appropriate use of the library is not permitted. This includes excessive noise, altercations, theft, vandalism, inappropriate sexual behavior, harassment and violence. Specifically, unpermitted behavior includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Removal or attempted removal of library materials, furniture or property without checking them out or without authorization.
  • Mutilation of library materials, furniture or equipment by marking, underlining, scratching, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic-theft detection devices, or in any other way injuring or defacing the library building, library materials, furniture, or equipment.
  • Concealing library materials in the library for the exclusive use of an individual or group or for the express purpose of preventing use by others.
  • Harassing library staff or users.
  • Failing to cooperate with library staff.
  • Being in an unauthorized area of the library.
  • Remaining in the library when requested to leave at closing, or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
  • Having bodily hygiene so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to other.

In order to preserve a quiet study environment, library users must either turn-off cell phones and pagers or set them to vibrate or a non-audible signal. All cell phone conversations must be held outside of the library where you will not disturb others.

There are four public-use computers in the Jameson Law Library reading room. These computers may only be used for legal research and use is restricted to 30 minutes if other users are waiting. Printing costs 20 cents per page, cash only. The library computer lab is reserved for law students at all times.

Food and drink are permitted in the Jameson Law Library but users must clean up all areas they use and throw-away all garbage. Drinks must be in covered, spill-proof containers. Users may be asked to reimburse the library for damage caused by spills.

Neither the Jameson Law Library nor the Alexander Blewett IIISchool of Law is responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings. Library staff cannot watch personal belongings. Do not leave personal belongings unattended in the library. Please bring any found items to the Circulation Desk.

To protect the privacy of library users, no photography or filming is allowed in the library. Limited exceptions may be granted by the Dean of the Alexander Blewett III School of Law or the Dean’s designee. Filming or photographing of official law school events is permissible so long as no library users are captured on film without their permission.

All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult while in the Jameson Law Library, except for users under the age of 15 who have a valid student Griz Card. All users of the Jameson Law Library are subject to this Library Use Policy. Access to, or use of, the internet by minor children who are not students of the University of Montana is solely the responsibility of the child’s parent or legal guardian. Library staff will facilitate access to government documents and legal information to all patrons regardless of age.

The Jameson Law Library reserves the right to enforce this Library Use Policy and will call campus police as necessary. Violators may face criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary action under The University of Montana Student Conduct Code or Law School Honor Code. Failure to comply with this Library Use Policy may result in permanent revocation of Law Library use privileges.

Interlibrary Loan Policies

The Jameson Law Library offers interlibrary loan (ILL) services only to the current students, faculty and adjunct faculty of the University of Montana School of Law.

The Jameson Law Library will lend only circulating treatises through ILL. Reference works, law reviews, microforms, audio-visual and special collections(Pope room, rare book room, archives, permanent reserves, class reserves)held by the Jameson Law Library will not be loaned through ILL.

All ILL transactions will take place through OCLC. All loaned materials will be checked out to and under the responsibility of an OCLC ILL participating library.

When borrowing materials from other libraries, the Jameson Law Library will:

  • Check with the acquisitions librarian to determine whether or not the title should be purchased rather than borrowed.
  • Respect any restrictions or limits placed on the use of borrowed materials by the lending library.
  • Avoid requesting materials from libraries that routinely charge for ILL services.
  • Use LVIS libraries (or other groups that refrain from charging) as lenders whenever possible.
  • Replace or repurchase damaged or lost borrowed materials.

When lending materials to other libraries the Jameson Law Library will:

  • Make a good faith effort to ensure that end-users are supplied with the materials they need.
  • Refrain from charging for postage or ILL services whenever possible.
  • Create and email digital copies rather than mailing paper copies whenever it is possible and expedient to do so.
  • Allow a four-week circulation period, including mailing time, for all loaned materials regardless of format.
  • Allow borrowing libraries to renew materials if there are no holds placed on the materials.
  • Respond to requests to loan library materials only when they come through OCLC except in cases where requests come from Montana prisons via the U.S. Postal Service (see the policy for these requests below).
  • Expect borrowing libraries to adhere to all applicable copyright laws.

Requests from the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge for books must be made through OCLC. Requests from the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge for articles will generally be made to the State Law Library as per the longstanding agreement between the state law library and the state prison. Requests that circumvent this agreement will be returned to the requestor. Requests from the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby for articles and cases will be filled as follows: The inmate will request the article and or case in writing and notify the Jameson Law Library via the U.S. Postal Service. Library staff will then determine the number of pages that must be reproduced to fulfill the request and the amount that the copies will cost (at 15 cents per page single-sided), and let the inmate know via the U.S. Postal Service. The inmate will then obtain a money order from the Crossroads Correctional Facility payable to The Jameson Law Library for the indicated amount and send it to the Jameson Law Library before any photocopying is done. On receipt of the money order, the case or article will be sent to the inmate via the U.S. Postal Service. Requests from the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby for books will be filled as follows: There is currently no mechanism in place to lend books directly to the Crossroads Correctional Facility.

Overdue Policy

  • Fines for overdue items = 33 cents per day. When items are returned, fines will be waived until they have reached a total of $10.00 (approximately 30 days). Fines will not be waived for overdue items that have to be recalled for another user.

  • When fines reach, $10.00, items are considered lost.
  • Patron’s account is blocked and patron will not be able to check-out library materials until overdue items are returned.
  • Patron receives a 30-day notice that replacement costs for lost items will be added to their account.Fines are waived and account blocks are lifted if items are returned except fines will not be waived for overdue items that have to be recalled for another user.Only library staff will have the authority to reactivate suspended accounts.60 days overdue
  • Replacement cost(s) of $50.00 per item or actual replacement cost, whichever is greater, for lost items are added to patron’s account.
  • Accounts may be turned over to Business Services. Business Services will block student Banner accounts, which could result in the inability to graduate, receive financial aid, register and obtain transcripts. Students must see a librarian during regular business hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) to remove Banner blocks.
  • Business Services may initiate action to recover payment for items, including garnishing student refund checks or turning the account over to a collection agency. Once Business Services initiates action to recover repayment on an account, all fines and fees must be paid to Business Services.
  • Items may be replaced. Once an item is replaced it may no longer be returned for forgiveness of fines and fees.
  • A second or future instance of a patron having items 60 days or more overdue may result in revocation of check-out privileges.

  • All patrons must pay replacement costs of $50 per item or actual replacement cost, whichever is greater, for materials that are lost or damaged to the extent they are no longer usable. Graduating law students must return or pay for all overdue items before graduation day.


Reference Desk: (406) 243-2699 Email: law.library@mso.umt.edu

Diane Yancy

Diane Yancy

Law Library Fiscal Manager, Interlibrary Loan Services
LAW 166
(406) 243-4847

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