Defense Critical Language and Culture Program

DCLCP focuses on providing a significant contribution to the DoD’s diverse language education requirements, and the broad cultural and regional study imperatives associated with U.S. National Security objectives. DCLCP has leveraged the academic capabilities of the University of Montana and designed a program to provide our DoD military students an optimal academic experience that fortifies them with a deep cultural understanding of their target language’s region and its people, as well as a language fluency consistent with their diverse needs. Courses are designed to meet the needs of deploying military members and we work directly through each soldiers’ chain-of-command to meet specific mission requirements. DCLCP instructors bring their recent “in-country” experiences to each of their lessons. DCLCP offers lessons through a wide range of platforms, including VTC, Vidyo, in-residence, mobile training teams, and blended options – all tailored to your unit’s needs. DCLCP has successfully worked with over one thousand service members since 2008, building our student-soldiers’ language proficiency, enriching their cultural understanding, and giving them access to college credit. Call us today for more information about how we can serve you!

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"The class has built my confidence to use my
limited language ability in public and at work.
- Advanced Korean student, April Session 2018

PGO Korea 2018 Graduates

Project Global Officer Korea 2018 graduates.

PGO China 2018 Graduates

Project Global Officer China 2018 graduates.

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