Priority Class Registration

This information is intended for returning and continuing students at the University of Montana – Missoula and Missoula College, as well as new graduate students. 

Are you preparing for your first semester as a new undergraduate at UM or Missoula College?  Welcome! Your course registration is integrated with your first-year or transfer orientation program.


The first two weeks of class registration is called the priority registration period. Registration for autumn and spring classes opens in phases during the priority registration period.  Students are encouraged to register during this period to have a better chance of registering for preferred classes.

Autumn priority registration begins mid-spring.

Spring priority registration begins in mid-autumn.

There is no priority registration period for summer session classes. As soon as summer registration opens, all students may register.


Students are assigned time tickets for class registration in CyberBear.  The time ticket displays a date & time range for self-service registration. 

From is the earliest date & time a student may register for classes - in other words, that is the student's assigned course registration start time for that semester.

To is the latest date & time a student can use self-service registration for that semester.

Time tickets are generated shortly before advising begins for the priority registration period.

To view your time ticket:

  • Log in to CyberBear
  • Click Student Services
  • Click Student Profile
  • Change the term in the top left corner to the term you plan to register
  • Click Registration Notices in the top right corner
  • Time Tickets are listed at the bottom

Registration Notices

In the example above, the student can begin class registration on 2/21/2017 at 8 am.



Spring course schedule available online: on or around October 6, 2023

Advising for priority registration: begins October 9, 2023

Priority registration: November 6 – November 20, 2023 (updated to accommodate extended advising period)

Registration priority is based on a student's class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, post-baccalaureate, or graduate student), unless they belong to a special registration group. Registration groups are listed in the table below.

Students may register during and after their scheduled day/time.


Beginning Date

Day of the Week

Beginning Time

Class Standing or Registration Group

Nov. 6


8 am

Students who qualify for accommodation through the Office for Disability Equity (ODE)

Nov. 6


10 am

Graduate students

Nov. 7


8 am

Seniors and post-baccalaureates

Nov. 8



Seniors and post-baccalaureates (continued)

Nov. 9


8 am

Eligible athletes, students who use military or VA education benefits, Four Bear participants, and Davidson Honors College students

Nov. 13


8 am


Nov. 14



Juniors (continued)

Nov. 15


8 am


Nov. 16



Sophomores (continued)

Nov. 17


8 am


Nov. 20



Freshmen (continued)

Nov. 21



Open registration continues on CyberBear through January 26, 2024 


Registration groups include:

  • Students registered for specific accommodations with the Office for Disability Equity
  • Four Bear Program participants
  • Eligible student athletes
  • Davidson Honors College students
  • Students who use military or VA education benefits 
If you belong to more than one group or your class standing has higher priority than your group, you will be able to register on the earliest day affiliated with your group or class standing.

If you believe you should belong to an earlier registration group but are not currently assigned a time ticket for that group, contact the coordinator or your advisor for that program.

If your coordinator verifies you should be assigned to the earlier group, they will email your 790# and registration group to These time ticket updates are completed by Registrar’s Office staff and, once changed, will be immediately visible in CyberBear.

Your class standing calculation for priority registration includes credits that are in progress for the current semester.  It does not include credits for future semesters (e.g. summer credits when calculating for the following autumn.) 

Your actual class standing may be different than your class standing for registration purposes.

Freshman = 0–29 credits 

Sophomore = 30–59 credits 

Junior = 60–89 credits 

Senior = 90 credits or more

Post-Baccalaureate = awarded a Bachelor’s degree

Graduate = admitted to a graduate-level program or graduate non-degree-seeking status

Although subject to change, priority class registration and advising in preparation for registration typically follows this pattern:

Autumn Priority Advising Begins
Preceding Spring Semester Weeks 6, 7, 8

Autumn Priority Registration Begins
Preceding Spring Semester Week 9

Spring Priority Advising Begins
Preceding Autumn Semester Weeks 6, 7, 8

Spring Priority Registration Begins
Preceding Autumn Semester Week 9

Specific dates are published above once they are finalized.