Project Guidelines and Recommendations

Project Poster Example Template:

1. Project ID and Title
The following should be included:

Project Title
City, State, Country

2. Introduction - What is your engineering problem and goal?

  • What problem were you trying to solve? Include a description of your engineering goal.

  • Explain what is known or has already been done to solve this problem, including work on which you may build. You may include a brief review of relevant literature.

  • If this is a continuation project, a brief summary of your prior work is appropriate here. Be sure to distinguish your previous work from this year’s project.

3. Methods - Explain your methods and procedures for building your design.

  • What did you do? How did you design and produce your prototype? If there is a physical prototype, you may want to include pictures or designs of the prototype.

  • If you tested the prototype, what were your testing procedures? What data did you collect and how did you collect that data?

  • DO NOT include a separate list of materials.

4. Results - What were the result(s) of your project?

  • How did your prototype meet your engineering goal?

  • If you tested the prototype, provide a summary of testing data tables and figures that illustrate your results.

  • Include relevant statistical analysis of the data.

5. Discussion - What is your interpretation of these results?

  • What do these results mean? You may compare your results with theories, published data, commonly held beliefs, and/or expected results.

  • Did any questions or problems arise that you were not expecting? Were these problems caused by uncontrolled events? How did you address these?

  • How is your prototype an improvement or advancement over what is currently available?

6. Conclusions - What conclusions did you reach?

  • Did your project turn out as you expected?

  • What application(s) do you see for your work?

7.  References

  • This section should not exceed one page. Limit your list to the most important references.

  • List the references/documentation used which were not of your own creation (i.e., books, journal articles).