Grizzlies Glide: UM Invites Public to Ice Skate on Oval

Missoula youth recently take advantage of open skating on the UM Oval. The public is invited to skate on the Oval and a detailed calendar of open skate times and ice rink rules is online at

MISSOULA – The University of Montana invites the public to a rare opportunity to ice skate on the Oval – a beloved winter tradition at the University that has returned for student enjoyment and recreation during the pandemic. 

Each day, the ice rink will open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. with allotted times for student-only reservations and open skate times for the public. A detailed calendar of open skate times and ice rink rules is online at

The public is invited to skate when the calendar notes “Open Skate.” Reservations for ice skating are not required, it is a first-come, first-served basis. No more than 25 skaters are allowed on the rink at time.

Masks are required at all times on the ice rink and there is a self-check in form at the gate. Skaters must check-in before skating, as required by the Missoula City-County Health Department for COVID-10 mitigation, contract tracing and monitoring.

Skaters can use the QR code located outside of the rink, or, they can visit to digitally accept rules and risks for skating. The rink will remain as long as cold temperatures permit, and the rink may close intermittently due to unseasonably warm temperatures.

“We’re so pleased to share this unique and special experience with our greater Missoula community,” said Adrianne Smith, University Center director, who is overseeing the ice rink. “With the understanding that everyone honors safety protocols and respects each other, ice skating on the Oval will offer lasting, positive memories for a new generation – and in a very difficult year.”  

The ice rink is a community, self-monitored rink. The University recommends helmets for safety, physical distancing when possible, being respectful of patrons and skating safely.

The ice rink is part of a suite of “Winter Wonderland” events for students that safely fosters connection and engagement for the spring semester. Off-campus group reservations will be allowed beginning the week of Monday, Feb. 8.

For questions about ice skating, email or call 406-243-6029.


Contact: Adrianne Smith, University Center director, 406-243-6029,

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