MPH/CPH Program Curriculum


MPH Degree

For the MPH degree, students must successfully complete 42 credits. These include 27 required core credits, 6 capstone credits and 9 elective credits.


For the Certificate, students must successfully complete 12 credits which can include four core courses or three core and one elective course.


The tables on the Core and Elective Course pages lists graduate courses that comprise the MPH curriculum. Students in the CPH program may choose from the listed courses to complete their required credits.

Prospective students are encouraged to check back frequently for updated curriculum information. A comprehensive table of program competencies is available for student use. Courses may be cancelled if the required 5 students do not register.

Curriculum Development

The SPCHS curriculum is overseen by the Curriculum Committee consisting of faculty and student members. The mission of the Curriculum Committee of the School of Public and Community Health Sciences (SPCHS) at the University of Montana is to develop and maintain a curriculum that is rigorous, current, accredited, and capable of producing graduates who will be prepared to contribute positively to public health institutions and efforts.

Majors Outside of Public Health

Students with majors other than a Master or Certificate of Public Health wishing to take PUBH courses must contact the SPCHS office to ascertain if there is available space and obtain override permission from the instructor in order to register.