Master in Public Health (MPH)

The Master in Public Health (MPH) degree program is an online-only program.  There are no face-to-face or on-campus courses with this degree program.

The mission of the UM MPH program is to provide distance-based learning opportunities, supported by scholarship and service activities, to prepare public health practitioners who will use global insight to improve the health of the people of Montana and other rural areas.

A graduate degree in public health enables professionals to:

  • gain knowledge of the factors which influence legislative and social policies
  • apply broad-based, state of the art qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills
  • develop multidisciplinary and collaborative strategies for solving health-related problems
  • enhance their communication skills
  • be positioned for leadership roles in health promotion and disease prevention

The MPH program requires the completion of 42 credits. Students in the MPH Program will take the 27 core credits, 6 capstone credits, and 9 elective credits. Electives may be selected from a wide variety of online and campus-based courses. For more information on required and elective courses for the MPH program, see the curriculum page.  Electives not listed may be taken with advisor approval.

Students pursuing the MPH degree on a full time basis should be able to complete the course work in two years when taking 21 credits per year.  It is anticipated that students who continue to work while pursuing the MPH degree will require a minimum of three and a half years to complete all of the course work on a part-time basis (averaging 6 credits per semester).