Joint Degrees

JD/MPA Degree Program

JD-MPA students and Professor Anthony JohnstoneThe joint master's program in law and public administration is designed for law students preparing for careers in government service requiring specialized legal knowledge. A reciprocity agreement between UM’s School of Law and the Graduate School allows the MPA and J.D. degrees to be completed in a shorter period of time than if they were taken consecutively. Students interested in this program must apply to the School of Law and Graduate School separately. For details about the joint program in law and public administration, see Joint MPA/Law Program. For admission requirements, see the Apply page.

MPA/MPH Degree Program

Under the MPA/MPH joint degree program, a student may complete two separate degrees, the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Public Health, in a shorter period of time than would be required if the degrees were taken consecutively. For admission requirements, see the Apply page.

The MPA/MPH joint degree program requires satisfactory completion of 42 semester credits.

  • PUBH 510 Introduction to Epidemiology (3 credits)
  • PUBH 520 Fundamentals of Biostatistics (3 credits)
  • PUBH 540 Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health (3 credits)
  • PUBH 560 Environmental and Rural Health (3 credits)
  • Capstone 1 - PUBH 594 Integrative Learning Experience (3 credits)
  • Capstone 2 - PUBH 595 Applied Practice Experience (3 credits)
  • PUAD 522 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
  • PUAD 504 Organization Theory (3 credits)
  • PUAD 505 Budgeting and Finance (3 credits)
  • PUAD 503 Policy Analysis (3 credits)
  • PUAD 501 Public Administration (3 credits)
  • Research Methods: PUAD 506 Applied Research Methods (3 credits)
  • Ethics: PUAD 561 Ethics and Public Administration or PUBH 570 Ethical Issues in Public Health (3 credits)
  • 3 credit class from either program, approved by program advisors 

In a student's final semester, they send the MPA Director their portfolio and sign up for an exit interview.