1. Check your eligibility.
  2. For incoming first time students: Complete Bear Tracks 
    • Bear Tracks is your admitted student portal. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at (406) 243-6266 or for any questions or concerns regarding Bear Tracks.
  3. For returning or continuing students: Meet with your advisor to set up a registration plan and receive your PIN. Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students do not need PINs.
    • Please see the Advising Directory if you are unsure of who your advisor is or contact the Office for Student Success at (406) 243-2835. 
  4. Find your registration time using the Priority Class Registration Timetable. 
  5. Log into your CyberBear account using your NetID and password.
  6. You can use the NetID Lookup tool if you do not know your NetID.
  7. Once in CyberBear, you must provide your most up-to-date mailing and home addresses in order to proceed with registering for classes. Instructions can be found on this PDF.
  8. Check your registration notices in the Student Services page of CyberBear. Refer to the "Checking Registration Notices" section for more information.
  9. Select "Registration" under additional links.
  10. From this page you can browse courses, plan your future registration, view your registration history, and register for classes.
  11. Select Register for Classes and enter the term you are registering for.
  12. Register for your classes! 
  13. For instructions on variable credit and open grade mode courses, linked courses, and waitlists, please see below. 

*After the 15th instructional day of the semester (or equivalent for shorter parts of term), the Drop/Add Policy applies*  

CyberBear displays your “time ticket,” or assigned registration start time, as well as any other issues you need to resolve before you register.

Go to “Student Services,” then change the term in the top left corner to the term you wish to register.

Term Change Example

Registration Notices and Holds appear at the top right. Click “Registration Notices” to view your time ticket and registration notices. Click “Holds” to view active holds that could affect registration.

Readmission Notice

Alcohol Edu Notice

Issues you need to resolve before registering (i.e. need to readmit, academic suspension, etc) will be listed with a yellow exclamation point. In the example above, a student could begin registration for the selected term on 2/21/2017 at 8am, but would need to be readmitted and resolve the AlcoholEdu hold first. REGISTERING FOR CLASSES View our short video below for step-by-step instructions to plan your schedule and register for classes in CyberBear.

*The Office of the Registrar does not remove holds*

View our short overview video below for step-by-step instructions to plan your schedule and register for classes in CyberBear.

If you encounter a registration error, visit our list of registration error messages for troubleshooting.

Watch the videos below for tutorials on how to navigate and use our Registration Module's various functions:

Browse Classes

Browse Course Catalog

Plan Ahead

Prepare for Registration

Register for Classes

Register for Variable Credit Hour Course

Registering for a Class that has a Waitlist

Registering for a Linked Course

View Registration Information

Video Coming Soon!

Also known as your advising PIN or registration PIN, undergraduate students are required to obtain a new PIN each semester from their academic advisor prior to registration. The Office of the Registrar does not give out PINs.

Alternate PINs are not required for graduate or post baccalaureate students. 

Students with print disabilities who require textbooks in accessible alternate formats can begin the process of obtaining them right after registration. 

For more information regarding this process, please see the Office for Disability Equity website. 

To be eligible for graduate credit the student must be admitted to The University of Montana as a graduate student. Courses only offered for undergraduate credit are not available for graduate credit. Graduate students who do not want graduate credit for a 300- or 400- level course must notify the Graduate School  by the 30th class day of the semester.

Honors courses and sections are generally open to any qualified student. They require a high level of performance and are designated as 'Honors' on transcripts.  Interested students should consult the instructor before enrolling in an honors course or section. 

Read more about the Davidson Honors College here


After registering for classes, students have several optional services to choose from.  Students can only make one change, per category.  These options are available on CyberBear up until the fifteenth semester day of each term.


The University of Montana requires all students taking 6 or more credits to have and maintain major medical insurance. Before you can register for classes, you will be prompted to BUY or REFUSE the student Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. You may refuse this option only if you have other major medical insurance coverage. You must make a selection (buy or refuse) before you can proceed to the class selection area on CyberBear. Only one selection can be made via CyberBear.  Changes to Student Insurance and/or Curry Health Fee must be made at the Student Insurance Office no later than the fifteenth instructional day of the semester the student is registered for.  Students taking at least six state-supported credits will be eligible for the insurance plan. Students taking 1-5 credits may petition to enroll in the Student Insurance plan.

Read more about the Student Health Insurance Plan here

Distance students are not eligible for The University of Montana Student Health insurance and must refuse the health insurance.  


Students taking seven (7) or more credits are required to pay and are billed the Curry Health Fee.  Students who are enrolled for 1-6 state supported credits may choose to pay the Curry Health Fee if they wish to have full access to the Curry Health Center.  Students who are enrolled for 1-6 state supported credits who do not choose to pay the Curry Health Fee cannot be seen at the Curry Health Center.

Students who drop below 7 state-supported credits prior to the fifteenth class day of the semester will have his/her curry Health Fee dropped and access to services will be denied unless the Curry Health Fee is readded.

Read more about Curry Health Center here


Students may purchase parking decals for the current semester or academic calendar year.  Decals purchased online will be mailed to local mailing addresses only.  You can verify your mailing address by going to the personal information section of CyberBear and selecting Update Address and Phone.  If you purchase a parking decal online, print the temporary permit and display it on your dash while waiting for the decal to arrive in the mail.  The temporary permit is valid for two weeks.  If you do not receive your decal within two weeks of finalizing your bill, please call Public Safety at (406) 243-6312.  Any additional changes to parking decals must be made at the Department of Public Safety no later than the fifteenth class day of each term.

Missoula College (MC) students pick up parking decals from the Missoula College cashier and should not select a decal on CyberBear.  Permits are issued at the MC cashier at no additional cost.  MC permits are not valid for parking in the lots on the mountain campus.

Read more about UMPD Parking Division here


Students registering for six credits or less have the option of paying the Athletic fee in order to obtain tickets to Grizzly athletic sporting events.

Please reach out to Business Services at (406) 243-2223 to have this fee added to your account.


Students registering for six credits or less have the option of paying to use the Campus Recreation Facilities. 

Read more about Campus Recreation here.

A translation guide for common course numbering can be found here.