Distance-Only Status

Students who intend to enroll only in online courses may opt to change their student status to Distance-Only.

Distance-Only students are not required to submit an immunization form before registering for classes.

Distance-Only students may see a reduction in their tuition and fees.  Specific billing info is available on the Student Tuition and Fees page. Choose the academic year, then scroll down to the Online Only section.

Switching to Distance-Only status affects eligibility for certain scholarships. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.


Distance-Only students are not eligible for:

  • University of Montana Health Insurance
  • Curry Health Center services
  • ASUM services
  • Discounted tickets for athletic events
  • Access to Campus Recreation facilities
  • Student housing
  • Certain scholarships, including WUE (Contact the Financial Aid Office for more info)

Distance-Only students are prohibited from enrolling in any course that requires a face-to-face component.  Registration is limited to course sections with an Attendance Method of "Internet / Online" or "Video Conferencing." These courses are typically denoted with a section number of 50 through 59.

Distance-Only status is not available for WUE students due to the WUE scholarship conditions

Distance-Only students may reverse their status in order to enroll in face-to-face courses and become eligible for campus services.  However, changes to or from Distance-Only cannot be made after the 15th class day.

Change of Status Form

Before you submit the form, please note:

  • Your status may be changed only one time per semester
  • Your status cannot be changed for the current semester after the 15th class day.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. It is your responsibility to submit this form well in advance of published payment deadlines.

Questions? Give us a call.

Office of the Registrar (406) 243-5600

Graduate School at (406) 243-2572