Develop, Prepare, Submit Proposals

Research Development

The Research Development Office is committed to increasing and diversifying external funding at the University of Montana.  Toward this end, we are dedicated to (1) providing assistance with seeking external funding; (2) training individuals to independently seek and procure funding; (3) facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations; and (4) providing the resources and tools necessary for researchers to successfully prepare grant proposals.

Jumpstarting Your Proposal

First time writing a proposal? Need some help organizing your ideas and getting things moving? Need a tool that will help you to start thinking about your budget, programming, and outcomes in a practical way?  Start with this one-page guide to developing a logic model, a very useful tool to help organize your thoughts, plan your project, and communicate your ideas. 


If you'd like more information about developing logic models, contact Katherine Swan to schedule a 1:1 discussion. You can also access these helpful guides online:

Proposal Preparation

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) supports faculty, staff, and graduate students in their research and creative endeavors. Working with faculty and staff to increase external funding and to provide opportunities for professional growth is critical to the overall health of the University.

Proposal Review, Approval, and Submission