Water-Reactive Chemicals

Common Water-Reactive Chemicals
Chemical Name Reaction with Water
Acetic anhydride May boil explosively
Acetyl chloride Violently decomposes to HCl and acetic acid
Aluminum bromide Violent hydrolysis
Aluminum chloride Violent decomposition forming HCl gas
Boron tribromide Violent or explosive reaction when water added
Butyl lithium Ignites on contact with water
Calcium carbide Gives off explosive acetylene gas
Calcium hydride Hydrogen gas liberated
Chlorosulfonic acid Highly exothermic violent reaction
Chlorotrimethyl Silane Violent reaction
Dichlorodimethyl Silane Violent reaction
Lithium aluminum hydride Releases and ignites hydrogen gas
Lithium hydride Violent decomposition
Lithium metal Powder reacts explosively with water
Methyltrichlosilane Violent reaction forming HCl
Oxalyl chloride Violent reaction forming HCl
Phosphorous pentachloride Violent reaction
Phosphorous pentoxide Violent exothermic reaction
Phosphorous tribromide Reacts violently with limited amounts of warm H2O
Phosphorous trichloride Violent reaction releasing Flammable diphosphane
Phosphoryl chloride Slow reaction which may become violent
Potassium amide Violent reaction which may cause ignition
Potassium hydride Releases hydrogen gas
Potassium metal Forms KOH and hydrogen gas
Silicon tetrachloride Violent reaction producing silicic acid
Sodium amide Generates NaOH and NH3 (flammable)
Sodium azide Violent reaction with strongly heated azide
Sodium hydride Reacts explosively with water
Sodium hydrosulfite Heating and spontaneous ignition with 10% H2O
Sodium metal Generates flammable hydrogen gas
Tetrachloro silane Violent reaction
Thionyl chloride Violent reaction which forms HCl and SO2
Titanium tetrachloride Violent reaction that produces HCL gas
Trichloro silane Releases toxic and corrosive fumes
Triethyl aluminum Explodes violently in water
Triisobutyl aluminum Violent reaction with water
Zirconium Tetrachloride Violent reaction with water