Safe, Empowered, Accelerated

UM commits to powering a societal sea change that promotes the safety, empowerment and acceleration of all women. 

The S.E.A. Change initiative is a University of Montana campaign leading up to the centennial of the full ratification of the 19th Amendment and an effort to address the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead as we seek equity for all women. The initiative highlights and amplifies UM’s efforts to provide a safe and empowering campus for all women and a community that accelerates their careers and lives of impact. The initiative renews UM’s commitment to the work ahead in removing societal barriers that prevent women from leading empowered lives and that prevent society from benefiting from these talented and determined women.

The S.E.A. Change initiative is a living effort that will take shape as we engage our community. Check back often for updates and to learn how you can be part of the effort.

The goals of UM's S.E.A. Change Initiative are:

  • To declare UM’s commitment to powering a societal sea change toward equity for all
  • To align perceptions of UM with our reality by making visible and elevating existing efforts that drive positive change
  • To amplify existing efforts through new collaborations
  • To identify and bring together data that will help us better understand our context and needs
  • To implement new programming, as guided by the community
  • To fundraise for enhanced and new programming