We support all women by helping them embrace and nurture their talents and by showcasing their contributions. We elevate all Grizzlies through a tomorrow-proof education and equitable learning environments that expand their horizons.

Here, women learn not as a women, but as equals — as leaders. Women learn to take their seats at the table and own all that makes them unique, strong members of a global community.

Here, women develop confidence in their own value, because Montana and UM cultivate it, and the future demands it.

Nationally, women attend and succeed in college at higher rates than men, yet this 
fact is not translating into outcomes that reflect workplace equity or adequate gender diversity in leadership across sectors. This yawning gap that develops after students graduate begs a question we at UM seek to understand and answer: why does the leadership divide develop post-graduation, and what can we do at UM to help 
eliminate it?

An empowering learning environment is part of UM's effort to answer this question and impact change upstream of the challenge. UM students are not just capable of overcoming the gap but also are changemakers who will help to eliminate it altogether for future generations.

Empowered Stories


  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (undergraduate major and graduate certificate)
  • Many courses across disciplines focus on social issues that impact women. Sample courses include:

    • Gender and Communication (COMM 380)
    • Intimate Relationships (COUN 242S)
    • Women in America: Colonial to Civil War (HSTA 370H)
    • Women in America: 1865 to Present (HSTA 371H)
    • Women in Antiquity (CLAS 320)
    • Rhetorical Construction of Women (COMX 447)
    • Rhetoric of Women's Activism (COMX 449)
    • Gender and Society (SOCI 275)
    • Gender and Sexuality in English Fiction (GH 327H)
    • Writing Women's Lives (HSTA 471)
    • Media Representations of Women, Men and Sexuality (WGSS 250)
    • Anthropology of Gender (ANTY 427)
    • Feminist Theory and Methods (WGSS 363)
    • Women and Social Action in America (SW 323)
    • Race, Gender and Class (SOCI 220S)
    • Gender and Global Development (SOCI 471)
  • Transit
  • Salary Negotiation Workshops (AAUW)
  • Montana NEW Leadership
  • Iota Iota Iota (Triota) a National Women's Studies Honor Society with over 50 chapters nationwide
  • Women’s Law Caucus
  • Physical Therapy Women’s Development Group
  • Lambda Alliance
  • SARC Peer Advocacy Group and other services