Mentor Program

Main Information

During Spring 2024 (February 21 - April 24), UM’s S.E.A. Change Initiative offers a mentor program for middle and high school students. 

The mentors are UM students who have completed the S.E.A. Change Initiative course HONOR 391 Women and Gender Equity: Inspiring a S.E.A. Change during fall semester 2023. The S.E.A. Change Initiative course is focused on creating gender equity and is part of UM’s broader S.E.A. Change Initiative. UM students have learned in this course to recognize and assert their own and others’ value, have worked to understand the importance of advancing gender equity, and have explored strategies for supporting and mentoring future generations to become aware of their roles in building a bright future for themselves and others. Most important, they are a cohort of students who support gender diversity and are committed to inspiring positive change for themselves and others.

The mentor program reflects the S.E.A. Change Initiative’s commitment to community in its effort to address existing societal barriers while fostering opportunities of support, growth, and acceleration.