Safe, Empowered, Accelerated

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A safe campus for all women.
An empowering environment where women embrace their potential and affect change.
A system of support that accelerates students’ careers and lives of impact.

UM provides fertile ground for this work. In fact, we’ve already begun. The S.E.A. Change Initiative brings new air and light to important campus programs that support all women while advancing gender equity.

We celebrate these programs, and we aim to do more. As a society, we are far from finished with the work that began over a century ago when suffragists argued for women to have a voice. At UM, we are not afraid of the work ahead, emboldened by our faculty, staff, and students who have been advancing gender equity for decades.

We will continue to cultivate in students and in ourselves a commitment to powering a sea change.

UM Names First Director of S.E.A. Change Initiative to Advance Gender Equity

The University of Montana is pleased to announce that Twila Old Coyote has been named director of the S.E.A. Change Initiative, a new program focused on advancing equity for all. Through this initiative, UM fosters an environment that is safe for women, one that uniquely empowers all women to reach their full potential while accelerating them into careers of impact. Read the full news release about Old Coyote.

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