Motivational Adolescent Research in Vocabulary and Expressive Literacy (MARVEL) Lab


The mission of the Motivational Adolescent Research in Vocabulary & Expressive Literacy (MARVEL) Lab (Dr. Ginger Collins, CCC-SLP, Pricipal Investigator) at University of Montana is to conduct research on motivating contextualized language interventions with adolescents who struggle with language and literacy acquisition. 

People and Projects

Dr. Ginger Collins directs the MARVEL Lab. She currently conducts evidence-based research in conjunction with Dr. Julie Wolter of UM LLEAD Lab to determine best practices for implementing contextulatized language intervention with adolescents. This research is conducted in conjunction with Dr. Collins' camp CHRONICLE in which children with language literacy deficits engage in classroom based comic-book-creation language therapy in an intensive therapy format.


Research within the MARVEL Lab is focused on providing insights into how best to help adolescents with language literacy deficits achieve academic success in a motivating context. Ultimately goals of the research include a) developing ideal classroom based models for contextualized adolescent language intervention, b) creating evidence-based language literacy curriculum to be implemented across education settings (multi-tiered systems of support).