Center for Translational Medicine


The purpose of the Center for Translational Medicine at the University of Montana is to establish a cross-department and -college multi-disciplinary research center to assist faculty, staff and students in the translation of research ideas from bench to bedside. In this respect, translational research provides an avenue through which basic science discoveries in the biomedical sciences can be "translated" into applicable therapeutics, diagnostics, and/or processes that directly impact health care. In many instances the products/intellectual property of translational research can also be commercialized to the benefit of the University and the regional economy. The Center will work across the Montana University System (MUS) to facilitate the ability of University researchers to better advance the clinical and/or commercial potential of their basic science discoveries. The Center will promote the expansion of educational programs in translational medicine and career development opportunities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The Center seeks to strengthen and expand entrepreneurial programs at the University and build a new community to meet challenges and adapt to the changing healthcare/biotech employment and research funding landscape. This new culture and community will prepare students for a career in the biotechnology or health care industry and open doors to new sources of revenue in support of translational research and education in the MUS."