Communication and course materials can be disseminated by using: 

  • Email and Cyberbear for direct communication. You will want to make sure you are monitoring your email for notifications and messages from your professors. 
  • UMBox for course material distribution. Your instructors may have shared a file with you containing important course documents and information. Make sure you are monitoring your emails for links and more. 
  • Zoom for live communication with your professor and participation in class discussions. Your professors may choose to host live lectures and classes online. Your professor will send you a link to join classes.
  • Moodle for course announcements, assignments, course materials, lecture notes or PowerPoints, quizzes, assessments/exams, and forum discussions. Moodle is an accessible platform. Log into Moodle from your Cyberbear dashboard to stay on top of notifications and information from your professors.
  • Ally for Moodle is a feature that creates easy-to-use file formats for students. Ally works within your online course so it's available right where you need it. Alternative files include readable text for screen readers, pictures with captions, and easy-to-navigate content. Ally creates multiple alternatives from the original documents in your course. You can download these alternative formats anywhere that files are used.
  • University of Montana app to stay connected! There is an updated virtual events and activities tab to keep you connected to your fellow Grizzlies. It is available for download on the iPhone App Store, or Google Play Store.

Tips for Using UM Box

  1. Your professor may share course documents such as the course syllabus, readings, resources and rubrics in the UMBox account and share the file with you.  
  2. Review the UM Box Support page for more information. 
  3. Review the box support knowledge base for frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.

Tips for Using Moodle

  1. To limit potential technical difficulties use Chrome or Firefox Web pages.
  2. Review the Basic Minimum Systems Requirements for Moodle
  3. You may want to consider checking your Internet speed
  4. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and save PDF files and a word processing program that can open and edit Word documents. The University of Montana provides Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free to UM Students. 
  5. Review UMOnline's Moodle 101 for Students.

Tips for Using Zoom

  1. Review Zooms System Requirements for PC, Mac and Linux systems. 
  2. Connectivity problems can happen. If you experience difficulties it's okay, rejoin as able. If problems persist, consider checking your Internet speed
  3. Control background noise. We know you may not always be able to find quiet space and control interruptions by roommates, spouses, children, and pets. Stay muted unless you are going to speak. Use headphones and refrain from typing unless you are muted.
  4. Consider using Zoom's built-in Chat feature and keeping the video feed off. This frees Internet bandwidth and will allow you to listen without worrying about your appearance.
  5. See our video below about getting started with Zoom by UMOnline. 

Note: Tips for Using Zoom was inspired by Seattle Pacific University's Wiki Page, and modified to reflect student needs.


Please contact the IT Help Desk at 406-243-HELP for help with UM box and Zoom.

Please contact the UMOnline Help Desk at 406-243-4999 or 866-225-1641 if you need additional assistance with Moodle.