Moodle Resources

About the LMS

The University of Montana, Montana Tech, Helena College, the University of Montana Western and the Montana Digital Academy use a version of Moodle provided and hosted by Blackboard Open LMS. UMOnline is committed to working with our partners and the extended educational community to provide an effective and robust online learning solution that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and administration. Our version of Moodle is generally updated twice a year. We are currently running Moodle version 3.7. Please see the Blackboard Open LMS Release Notes for more information.

Recommended Browser and System Requirements Information

Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, Firefox and Chrome are the preferred browsers for working in Moodle. Using alternative browsers can sometimes limit Moodle’s functionality.

Chrome and Firefox are free and easy to use, you can download it from the following Firefox Download and Chrome Download links. 

Please review ICT's Guide for Basic Minimum System Requirements for Moodle to ensure your system can appropriately accommodate Moodle. 

Backup Retention Policy


UMOnline maintains a copy of all course content and student data for a period of 5 years after the semester offered. Requests for access to courses beyond this timeframe cannot be met. Moodle provides the option for all instructors to download a backup copy of a course so that personal copies may be kept as long as desired. We encourage this practice for all of your courses.

Protect Your Work

Creating a back-up of your work is always a recommended best practice. We urge you to back-up all of your work, especially when making posts to discussion boards, responding to essay questions, or composing a lengthy or important response directly into a Moodle course activity. If you require assistance, please contact the Tech Support Desk with any questions.

Software Requirements and Technical Support

Software Requirements for Online Coursework

If you are enrolling in a fully-online course, at the minimum you will need to verify that you have:

Individual courses may require additional hardware or software, such as a webcam and speakers for web conferencing.

Contact Technical Support

To contact the UMOnline Technical Support Team, please email, call (406) 243-4999, or (866) 225-1641 (toll-free).


  • Course Supplement Request: Learn about available course list, any request will be available within an hour and a half, excluding weekends. 
  • Snap Theme Basics: Learn more about the themes and how to make adjustments to your course. 
  • Moodle Basics for Faculty: A self-paced tutorial covering the basics of navigating and adding content to your Moodle course shell.
  • Moodle Gallery of Courses: Self-enroll in this Moodle course to see examples of current online course design by UM faculty.
  • Course Maintenance for Instructors: A step-by-step guide for course maintenance for the end of a semester and preparing a course for a new semester.
  • Moodle Gradebook Tutorial: An overview of the Moodle gradebook with best practices and tips for managing your gradebook.
  • Moodle FAQ's: A clickable and comprehensive resource of frequently (and not-so-frequently) asked questions of Moodle.
  • OER-Open Education Resources: Self-enroll in this tutorial to learn about OERs. Includes links to OER repositories, open textbooks sites, and various resources to learn more about OERs.