The Bayard Street Tightrope Walker

(El equilibrista de Bayard Street)
A 20th Anniversary Bilingual Edition

Translated by G.J. Racz
By Eduardo Chirinos

The University of Montana Press is pleased to present this marvelous bilingual collection of poetry by one of the leading poets of his generation in all of Latin America, with a huge following in Europe and the U.S. as well. Eduardo Chirinos was a Professor of Spanish until his untimely death from cancer in early 2016. Translator and critic, Aron Aji, Director of the Iowa Translation Workshop describes the poems collected here:

Chirinos’s tightrope walker moves through these poems with a vertiginous mix of wonder and wariness, novelty and nostalgia, surfeit and loss. Chirinos balances keen perception with introspection, which accounts for the poems’ reach and depth. G.J. Racz knows Chirinos –sound, sense and soul—and translates him with pathos and experience. Racz’s beautiful rendering of Chirinos’s oracular lines might as well be about translation as they are about poetry: This is the language of the water. It rushes forth in blind pursuit of a distant ocean / and repeats nothing but the same words to us, / words we will never understand.

This is a terrific book of poems that we are convinced you will want to read again and again.

ISBN: 978-0-9983438-0-8

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