Looney Toones

World War II Drawings 1941-1945
Interpretive Wood Cuts 2000-2016

By James G. Todd, Jr.

This book, from which a major exhibit was created by the Montana Museum of Art and History at the University of Montana, was a co-production of that Museum and the University of Montana Press. When James Todd retired from the University of Montana in 2000, where he had served as Professor of Art and of Liberal Studies for several decades, his mother presented him with a collection of drawings he had created between the ages of five and eight during WWII, drawings he had not seen for more than 50 years. Looney Toones features these remarkable drawings as well as the artist’s reinterpretations of them through woodcut prints created a half-century later. In the exhibit and in this marvelous book, the child artist and the mature one come together, full circle, in fanciful, inspiring, and astonishing ways.

90 pages, 11” x 11”

ISBN: 9780990974888

book cover looney toones